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DuftaSmoke odor remover 250 ml


DuftaSmoke neutralizes odors associated with combustion products, such as the smell of burnt food in the oven or on the stove, the smell of burnt electrical appliances, the smell of burnt synthetic materials, etc.

DuftaSmoke is specially formulated to neutralize the smell of smoke and burning, as well as spilled fuel, mold and mustiness. It can be effectively used indoors after fires and floods.

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DuftaSmoke is made from plant-derived enzymes, safe for humans and animals, odorless, completely biodegradable and free of bacteria.

DuftaSmoke completely removes the smell of stubborn and stubborn stains from all surfaces.

Problems that DuftaSmoke handles:
- the smell of fire and burning;
- the smell of tobacco smoke;
- the smell of diesel fuel;
- other "complex" smells.

DuftaSmoke does not mask, but completely eliminates the smell of burning at the molecular level.

100% guarantee.

DuftaSmoke will help you to remove the smell of burning without much effort and cost

DuftaSmoke meets all international safety standards, is absolutely safe for humans and animals, is non-toxic, does not contain chemical additives and fragrances.

Method of application: spray the product indoors. Repeat the procedure if necessary.


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