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DuftaCar odor remover in a car 250 ml


DuftaCar, a bio-based odor remover for your car or yacht cabin.

Unlike the usual air fresheners and herringbones, DuftaCar does not mask odors by mixing aromas, but destroys them by accelerating the breakdown of unpleasant odor molecules using plant components, while the unpleasant odor disappears completely.

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Unpleasant odors dissolve in the air - simple and environmentally friendly: DuftaCar is specially designed to neutralize odors of organic origin: from smoke, food, urine, sweat, vomit, pets, gasoline, oils inside vehicles.

DuftaCar reliably removes odors from cars, boats, caravans, camping tents, buses, trucks - including upholstery and textiles. Potential consumers - motorists, taxis, transport services, courier services, sightseeing tours - bus salons, railway carriages, air transport salons, yacht owners, yacht clubs, cleaning, etc.

How it works: the enzymes in DuftaCar break down organic odor particles and completely eliminate the odor, rather than mask it.

Application: eliminate the source of the odor as much as possible; spray generously on the source of the odor; the agent must reach the source of the odor; let dry; repeat the treatment if necessary.

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