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DuftaPet Urine Odor Remover


For pet lovers and veterinary clinic owners, DuftaPet helps maintain a comfortable indoor environment. The product is absolutely harmless, therefore it can be used as needed without any restrictions for the people and pets present.

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DuftaPet - used to eliminate the odor of urine, faeces and pets excretions. Potential Consumers: Pet owners, breeders, pet shops, pet salons, pet hotels, zoos, pet lovers' clubs, zoos, clinics, horeca, etc.

How it works: The plant enzymes in DuftaPet break down organic odor particles and eliminate odor entirely, not just mask it.

Application: if possible, eliminate the source of the odor; spray the product over the entire area of ​​the stain; the product must reach the source of the odor; cover the place with a film for several hours to enhance the effect; allow to dry; if necessary, the course of treatment must be repeated.

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