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DuftaHome odor remover 250 ml


DuftaHome is ideal for neutralizing unpleasant odors, for example, in the kitchen, in toilets and other rooms, removes odors in garbage cans, as well as the smell of tobacco smoke and soot, etc.

Effective: 100% removes unpleasant odors, but does not mask them; not a deodorant; easy to use; acts immediately after application.

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Eco-friendly odor neutralizer: DuftaHome Indoor Spray instantly removes unpleasant odors - so you feel comfortable at home, in the workplace or in the hotel room. Tobacco smoke, musty textiles, odors from pets, trash can, toilet, cooking ... with DuftaHome they are a thing of the past.

How it works: The plant enzymes in DuftaHome break down organic odor particles and completely eliminate odor, not just mask it.

Application: eliminate the source of the odor as much as possible; spray generously indoors and on the source of the odor; the agent must reach the source of the odor; let dry; repeat the treatment if necessary.

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