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GLORIA Thermoflamm bio Professional PLUS is a flame retracting device designed for connection to an external compressed gas cylinder. The supplied 5 m hose line allows flexible handling.

The powerful flame rod is ideal for frequent use on large areas of land. With an overall length of 94 cm, the Thermoflamm Professional PLUS enables comfortable working while standing. This is especially beneficial for large areas and long working intervals.

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If weeding often requires prolonged seated work, Thermoflamm bio Professional PLUS can be used while standing, making it easier to work on your back. The relaxed position of the gas burner makes weeding much easier.

Especially in humid and shady corners, weeds can grow uncontrollably. With the help of GLORIA professional technology, weeds are destroyed in an environmentally friendly, fast and convenient way. The resulting flames reach temperatures of up to 1000 ° C for effective weed control in driveways or between slabs to be laid. The use of chemical agents is optional. Long-term and effective weed control results are guaranteed by GLORIA Thermoflamm bio-products.

Thanks to the stand on the flame rod, the heater can be switched off easily after work is completed and it can be cooled down safely.