Thermal weed removal without the use of chemicals - with Thermoflamm bio Classic PLUS you can remove weeds and unwanted weeds easily and comfortably. The device is versatile to use, especially in hard-to-reach places such as outdoor stairs or in the corners of your terrace. At flame temperatures up to 1000 ° C Thermoflamm bio Classic PLUS removes weeds effectively and permanently.

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The device moves slowly through the weeds at a distance of about 3 cm. The generated heat penetrates deep into the root system and causes coagulation of the cell fluid of the plant cells. Cell walls are blown up as a result of expansion. This not only gives a short-term effect, but also ensures permanent weed control.
Working with a gas cartridge
Weight 1.4 kg
Ergonomic handle
Automatic ignition mechanism (Piezo)
Tested by DVGW and GS
Length 87 cm
Incl. one gas cartridge